Clouded Hills

Clouded Hills was launched in summer 2020 during lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. Aimed at a British audience, it is for anyone looking to take a break in the UK – whether that’s stargazing in Exmoor, wandering the beaches of Ceredigion Bay, exploring the historic docks of Belfast or browsing the record shops of Glasgow.

While we believe travel overseas broadens the mind and should be embraced, the pursuit of sunshine has sometimes allowed us to neglect the beauty on our doorstep. The current situation, while far from ideal, may give us a chance to get to know the UK a little bit better. Through newscommentin-depth area guidesround-ups and picks from noteworthy locals, we plan to explore the myriad ways to holiday without leaving the country.

Our name is taken from the William Blake poem that casts England as “this green and pleasant land”. It is the clouds, upon which he also remarks, that washout summer days, but give the UK such verdant scenery. It is true we don’t always have the clearest skies, but as the writer and fellwalker Alfred Wainwright once remarked: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”.

Clouded Hills promotes responsible travel – both in terms of sustainability and current public health guidance. We encourage holidaymakers to recycle their waste, use public transport where possible, respect customs and nature and maintain social distancing rules from people outside of your group. Before travel, please consult the latest guidance for EnglandScotlandWales and Northern Ireland.


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Clouded Hills